The ievo ultimate and ievo micro both raised industry standards when introduced to the market. Providing a highly accurate, reliable and diverse biometric system that can be integrated into most access control systems.

Part of the success of ievo fingerprint readers has been achieved by listening to customer feedback, and finding out exactly what is required from an access control system. We understand that not every business, or every industry has the same biometric requirements and there are times when having customisable options are vital. With this in mind ievo have created a custom range tool kit.

The custom tool kit is effectively a way of providing the control to create a tailored biometric security system that will confidently suit your requirements. The customisable aspects can help to provide additional support to new and existing sites.

ievo systems have been designed to operate via the ievo control board which can support up to two ievo readers. This control board can be fully serviceable and accessible at all times. With its modular design, different components can be added, removed or replaced without having to uninstall devices or go offline. The modular design also means that as your business or site grows and demand for security increases, the ievo solution can be upgraded to support this growth.


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